Several years ago, the Douglas Choral Union (DCU) established the DCU Charity with the aim of raising funds to assist with education and skills development, to facilitate ongoing participation and to encourage the advancement in the standard of theatre and performing arts to be enjoyed by all people on the Island.

The DCU aims to do this specifically by providing workshops and tutorials to local students and adult performers.

The DCU is thankful for Director, Tony Finnegan’s, continuing assistance with this aim by holding several workshops during his visits to the Island.  Back in September 2015, Tony held a workshop for children followed by 2 days of workshops for adults during which he shared his insights and experience with the aim of developing characterisation, stagecraft, audience focus and audition techniques.

Tony’s next visit was for a busy weekend of auditions for Jesus Christ Superstar however his support of our charitable aims continued with the holding of a workshop for members of the Manx Gateway Drama Group, a charity that assists people with learning difficulties and is close to DCU’s heart.  Most recently Tony worked with children at Ashley Hill Primary School holding a workshop for pupils in years 3 and 4, working on rhythm games and drama skills for use in their topic this half term, ‘The whole world is a stage!.

The DCU was delighted to be able to provide these workshops and give everybody an opportunity to take part and to develop their skills.